10th Annual Christian Literary Awards

through Christian Literature
Oct. 16, 2021

10th Annual Christian Literary Awards

Inspringing the World
through Christian Literature
Oct. 16th 2021
About Joy & Company

About Joy & Company

Growing up in southern Louisiana, Mother often reminded me to “be mindful” of the company I kept. When Mother dropped a dish towel, it was major house cleaning going on because we were going to have company. If we asked who was coming she replied, “I don’t know but I dropped the dish towel and surely someone will visit soon”. By the week’s end we’d have company.  

The Joy & Company story is a simple one. In effort to pay homage to God for His sustaining powers operating vividly in my life, I stepped away from a secular book club to temporarily host a book club dedicated to the reading of Christian literature. This was nineteen years ago.

The morning after I decided to host the temporary book club; I dropped the dish towel. Soon afterward, I hosted the first Review with Joy (the initial name) book club meeting and several friends joined me. When the last guest left, I smiled with endearing thoughts of Mother because I had lots of company that afternoon and it was mighty fine company indeed. The Review with Joy & Company has grown from book club to former television show and radio show which currently streams live on the Fishbowl Radio Network (www.fbrn.us). I find myself in the midst of mighty fine company as I sit weekly with Rosemary Legrand, Rose Lewis and a host of authors who have graced our platform.

The Christian Literary Awards (CLA’s) were birthed after I attended a writer’s conference and the Christian authors were placed in the rear corner of a huge room with over 300 authors exhibiting their books. I felt disappointed and grieved in my spirit when I discovered the key note speaker and the highly praised author of the event was one whose writings were easily rated X.

I could not get the few Christian authors stuffed in the rear corner out of my mind. I was destined to create a platform that would promote and support authors of faith based literature. Authors who write to glorify God and enhance both Believers and Non-Believers.

If you are an author, contact us:

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The Review with Joy & Company Radio Show

The Review Radio Show streams live from Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas and is powered by The Fishbowl Radio Network, the largest personality-driven internet radio station in the world.  You can join the dynamic trio on Mondays from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. cst on face book live page: Joy & Company/Christian Literary Awards or you may listen to the stream live at: www.fbrn.us.

Yes, we Read Your Books

Once you’ve entered your book in the Christian Literary Awards, your radio show will be scheduled with the trio who actually reads your book. God has given you a message to write and we want to help promote and support spreading your good news. You can expect an engaging, meaningful, and thought provoking discussion about your work. An audience who is interactive, energetic and eager to hear your message.

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2022 Christian Literary Awards

Entry Deadline June 30, 2022