18 replies to “We Look Forward to Seeing you on the Red Carpet

  1. Mrs Olawunmi Biriyok has made an uncommon transition from a successful Christian Solicitor / Attorney into a multi-award Winning Author. Many high-profile professionals forget Meekness and Jehovah GOD The Creator, but astoundingly Mrs Olawunmi grows even stronger in FAITH as she progresses in her newly-found Divine Assignment of Authoring Christian Books as a Conduit of The Holy Spirit. Her books are Genuinely Inspirational and Enabling for the Contemporary Christian and non-Believers alike. Joy & Company, God Bless you for unearthing an amazing Talent for His Kingdom’s Revival. Praise Jehovah GOD Forever. Amen

  2. To God be the Glory, your book is a book of hope for the hopeless, your life experience is a living testimony, may those who have little-faith to no faith put their trust completely in God. With God all things are possible

  3. The Waiting Room is a must read and should be shared with your daughters, neices, mothers, grandmothers and all of your female friends. To my talented neice….waiting for your next novel!!!

  4. “I Can’t Keep It To Myself” Revoydia Rollerson has changed my life! Revoydia gives all her praise and glory to God for her cancel healing. I pray that her experience will continue to expand the globe and make us all whole in God’s Grace again.

  5. Tamika, your contribution to the wellness of the Christian community and community worldwide is phenomenal. It is truly difficult exercising ones faith when dealing with illness. I believe this is an essential step to allow for spiritual growth and development: The will to have a healing body and mind through applied wisdom. Much Continued Success!!

  6. “Back On Track” by Apostle Brenda Ashley, is a must have for your library!..Truly an Awesome Book!

  7. Makes excellent reading on tithing. Enjoyable and easy to understand the tithing principles. It is a MUST read and highly recommended.

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