About Us

The Christian Literary Awards is put together under the umbrella of Joy & Company.

Our Mission is to:

  • To promote the reading, writing and circulation of Christian and inspirational literature.
  • To provide an environment where readers and authors have an opportunity to discuss selected reading materials.
  • To provide a platform for authors that encourages chase conversation about their writing which aides in the understanding and application of Christian principles and living.
  • To honor and promote those involved in the Christian Literary Community and to encourage the birth of new Christian Authors.

The Vision of Joy & Company was made clear in the early years of inception. That vision remains intact and the focal point of all our endeavors and it is that:

  • The Review with Joy & Company would be an hour television show on a major television network
  • The Christian Literary Awards would be a nationally televised event bringing to the forefront both traditionally and independently published authors of Christian literature.
  • Scholarships would be award to students endeavoring to continue their education in pursuit of a writing career.


The Review with Joy & Company

  • Television show that exposes Christian authors to a viewing audience of more than 1.7 million households
  • International audience in London, England, Canada, St. Lucia and Dominican Republic
  • Birthed from a small book club incepted in 2002
  • Encompasses internet radio talk show

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